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Elegance and seduction from Chablis ‘Old Vines’

From 55 year old vines grown on northeast to west aspects.  Full and long, yet subtle.

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Tasting Notes

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Varietal: Chardonnay
Sun exposition: North East to West
Vine age: 55 years
Geological substrata: Kimmeridgian
Production methods: Pressing and settling vat
Winemaking methods: Traditional in thermo regulated vats
Raising methods: Traditional in vats
Ageing: From 5 to 8 years or more according to harvest

Appearance:  Pale white gold with light green sparks. Shiny and clear. Lively yet mature.

Aromas: Tender, rich and fresh.  This is a rich wine which shows off its heritage.  A touch of flower, a hint of lemon and, in the end, soft with hints of vanilla.

Flavours: This wine is full yet subtle. Our first impression is a rich mellowness where fruit flavours give way to nut brown butter.  The finale is lasting generous mix of fruit and mineral.

Food Pairings: pike, oysters, poultry with mushroom sauce, ham Chablis style, vacherin and other soft cheeses, honey ice cream.

Serving Temperature: 10 to 12° as an aperitif 12 to 14 to accompany a meal.

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