Battle of Bosworth Organic ‘Puritan’ Shiraz 2021

Organic, no added preservatives, no oak and vegan – the Puritan!

“I used to call our Puritan a ‘Joven’ style red, a term which refers to young fresh red wines that come out of Rioja in Spain, which are made from Tempranillo.  I think I might change now to what Tony Love, wine correspondent from the Adelaide Advertiser called in in a review of the 2017 Puritan in the Source ( on Wednesday 18th October 2017).  He called the Puritan (and other similar types which he also reviewed) as ‘bright young things’. This description captures perfectly what the Puritan is all about. Shiraz is picked ripe and crushed then fermented in stainless steel vessels (no oak barrels are used in the making of this wine). Once through the sugar-to-alcohol fermentation, the wine goes ‘through malo’ (a secondary fermentation which changes malic acid to softer lactic acid) and then we bottle it. Bright, young, fresh, juicy and quite delicious.”
Joch Bosworth, Winemaker (or as we call him, Bozzy)

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2021 Bosworth Puritan Shiraz

Reviews & Awards

“5 star winery” and One of “Ten Dark Horses”

“Battle of Bosworth has been part of the field since 2005 and has received ratings of 4 or 4.5 stars except for a solitary 5 stars in 2014. The winery was established in 1996, and its vineyards were certified A-grade organic years ago, when the practice was uncommon. Part of the production from the 80ha is sold to buyers wanting to use organic grapes. The estate production is 15,000 dozens.”
Halliday Wine Companion 2020

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