We at Santé Wines are delighted to welcome Mount Avoca Wines to the portfolio as of April 2020. Mount Avoca, a family-owned and operated winery established 50 years ago, is Australia’s most highly awarded certified organic winery.

Second generation owner and winemaker, Matthew Barry, was brought up with a ‘clean and green’ ethos as his father was a pioneer in the Ausvit minimal spray program in the 1980s – with an old school phone line trenched all the way into the vineyard to a weather station for the Department of Agriculture data. Using native Australian insects to attack caterpillars in the1990s, other natural pesticides and no fungicides most years, moving to organic was a natural step.

After an international wine tasting of organic and biodynamic wines where the vitality and pep made these wines stand apart from the majority of wines on the market, Mount Avoca followed the road less travelled to treat the vineyard like a garden in pursuit of that elusive purity of flavour and vivaciousness.  The search for quality led to a completely natural chemical-free philosophy.  The organic certification is really a by-product of growing the best quality fruit, so in a way, Mount Avoca are accidentally organic.  Matthew says, “Our holy grail was always totally amazing wines with a purity of flavour and no chemical residues at all – the certification was a happy side-effect.”

“5 star winery”
“A winery that has long been one of the stalwarts of the Pyrenees region (…).” 
Halliday Wine Companion 2020

Explore the Mount Avoca wine range here.

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