Rusden ‘Black Guts’ Shiraz 2014

The two blocks on the Rusden vineyard that produce the fruit for the Black Guts have both been through gradual rejuvenation over a period of 20 or more years.  Nurturing an 80 year old and 50 year old vineyard back to consistent quality production has been a real joy (and a lot of hard work).

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2014 vintage

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2013 Rusden ‘Black Guts’ Shiraz

“94 points.  Like the name, unapologetic Barossa Valley shiraz at its most bombastic. (…).”

“Like the name, unapologetic Barossa Valley shiraz at its most bombastic. Low yields from 2013, all new French oak barrels.  Check out that 15.4% alcohol level too.  Powerhouse.  Big Red Wine.  It’s right in the slot for its style.  Waves of stewed black berry fruit, figs, cola, vanilla, lashings of cedar, nougat. Potent. The palate is lush, almost sets you back in your chair with its thick, syrupy, bold liquid slosh of dark fruit, soft tannin, molten-creamy-chocolate flow.  Nectar.  It’s pitched well with its weight too – smooth, supple, decadent, hedonistic stuff. Big wine lovers apply here. Righteous in its style.”
Mike Bennie, The Wine Front,, May 2016

2012 Rusden ‘Black Guts’ Shiraz

“95 points.  Black Guts is such an evocative name, and it doesn’t disappoint.”

“Black Guts is such an evocative name, and it doesn’t disappoint.  It’s a full throttle, deep, dark inky red wine but it’s impressive in length and never loses control.  A massive hit of soupy, dark fruit, but curled up in chewy tannins and sleek acidity.  Impressive from the get go.  Does the big style so well.”
Mike Bennie, WBM, Australia’s Wine Business Magazine, May 2015

“94 points.  Cork sealed Barossa Shiraz: welcome back to 1998.”

“Cork sealed Barossa Shiraz: welcome back to 1998.  Plantings in 1959 and 1969. AP John French oak. Black Guts?  Apparently you need to drink a couple of bottles of an evening, to find out what it means the next morning.  Blackberry, blueberry, pepper, with a whole raft of dill/sage/dried mint characters, grilled meat, toast and wood. Full bodied, full flavoured, yet fresh and well defined – surprising level of clarity for a wine of this scale – mouth perfume of fresh garden herbs and even some red fruits. Tannin is fine and grainy, keeping it pretty trim and shapely. Finish is all perfumed dried herbs and berry fruits. Of a very particular style and character.”
Gary Walsh, The Wine Front,, March 2015

“94 points.  Wine of the Week.”

“If you like your red wines with plenty of personality; wines that reflect the soil in which they are grown and the sun that ripens the fruit, then you’ve come to the right place.  The Canute family’s wines are made with love and attention to detail, none more so than this flagship old vines shiraz.  Estate-grown and made, it is a little bit gnarly, full of flavour and unmistakably Barossan.  Winemaker Christian Canute describes it as “a new world wine made in a old world style” – hence, perhaps, the cork closure.  There is plenty of muscular grunt here but also balance. Match this with a slab of steak for a primeval feast.  From a great vintage, it needs time to open up after the cork has been removed.  I’ll score it 94/100.”
Windsor Dobbin, May 2015


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