Ricca Terra ‘Bronco Buster’ Fiano, Vermentino, Greco, Arinto 2018

In a life before wine, Ricca Terra Farms’ Ashley Ratcliff was a horseman (representing Australia in 1991).  Growing up on a farm in the Adelaide Hills, he moved to a small town outside Fort Worth, Texas, USA, where his job was breaking in wild horses.  Working with an animal that has no prior connection with a human, gaining its trust, teaching it to allow a person to climb all over it, and then building a friendship between horse and man is an amazing and rewarding experience.

There are close parallels between breaking in a horse and growing and making alternative grape varieties.  Vision, knowledge, trust and patience are required if success is expected, whether that be wine or horse.  Get it wrong and you are sure to be bucked off!

The wine

Four white grape varieties are used to make this wine. Vermentino was chosen for its ability to produce great wine in a warm dry environment and was the first white Mediterranean grape planted at Ricca Terra Farms. Fiano was planted purely for its fragrant flavour and Greco to give a crunchy acid punch. Arinto was the special element…the newest grape variety at Ricca Terra Farms.

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