Printhie ‘Super Duper Chardonnay 2012

The team at Printhie freely admit that the name Super-Duper might polarise a few people out there.

It came about because when they were conceiving the project, they quite literally said, “let’s make a super-duper Chardonnay and Syrah”. When it came to the point of having to bottle and package these wines, they had to settle on a name.  The one most apt and most descriptive was the one they had lovingly referred to these wines as for the past 4 years of development.

Printhie hope that the moniker adds a bit of fun to some very serious wines.

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Reviews & Awards

“96 points + Exceptional”

“Gleaming green-gold; a high quality chardonnay that ticks each and every box; pink grapefruit and white peach fruit bring cut and thrust to the palate, barrel ferment inputs providing that magic touch of funk; great length and vitality.”
Halliday’s Wine Companion 2016

One of the “Best Wineries of the Regions” and “5 black stars”

Halliday’s Wine Companion 2017

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