Flying Brick Draught Apple Cider

Flying Brick Draught Apple Cider is rich, big and generous.  A daring cider with big, bold red apple varieties leaping out of the glass.  Warm honey/toasty display.  A perfect balance of fruit, acid, tannins and alcohol ensure this cider pours with a perfect ‘moosey’ head every time with great mouthfeel and finish.

100% Fresh Australian fruit…crispy, crunchy apples, never from concentrates.

Naturally brewed…using traditional methods.

No additives or gluten…free from added sugars, colours and concentrates, and it’s gluten free.

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Tasting Notes

Tasting notes

Reviews & Awards

Gold Medal

Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2015

“(…) if you want to drink the real thing, check out the top scorers of classes 1 to 8 at the 2013 Australian Cider Awards ( All proper ciders, made from the juice of whole apples and pears. No water, no concentrate.  And no bull.”
Max Allen, The Australian, December 2013

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