Organic Chianti from Alberto Antonini’s family vineyard

Poggiotondo is located in the western part of Chianti, on the hills that connect the Montalbano with the Arno Valley.  This region is more directly influenced by the Mediterranean, which gives Poggiotondo a milder climate than others in Chianti.  The soils at Poggiotondo have a marine origin with plenty of limestone fossils (seashells), which have a strong impact on the wine flavours.

Alberto Antonini, the owner and winemaker at Poggiotondo, makes his wines in a modern style, whilst adhering to the true regional characteristics of the Chianti region.  A few years ago Alberto decided to move back to traditional vineyard management and  stopped using synthetic chemicals (herbicides, chemical fertilizers, systemic spraying agents etc) in order to regenerate the soil and make it ‘alive’.  Most of the conventionally managed vineyards’ soils are dead, and dead soils grow dead fruit which is responsible for dead wines.  By encouraging the vines to develop their own antibodies, Alberto is  experiencing healthier vines, better fruit quality, character and a very likely longevity of centuries of the vineyards themselves. 

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