Paul Osicka Wines is the longest established producer in the Heathcote Wine Region

Paul Osicka Wines was started by former Czech Vigneron Paul Osicka in 1955 and is the longest established wine producer in the Heathcote Wine Region.  The wine is estate grown, made and bottled by Paul and Simon Osicka, the second and third generations involved in the business.  The vines are grown without irrigation on sandy loam soil over quartz and red ironstone gravels.  The vines are hand pruned, shoot thinned, fruit thinned and the grapes are hand picked and sorted to achieve optimum fruit quality.  These factors combine to produce small, intensely flavoured and coloured grapes necessary to make premium wines.  The use of synthetic chemicals to manage the vineyard is kept to a minimum to promote better soil and vine health.

One of the “Best Wineries of the Regions, 5 red stars”

Halliday Wine Companion 2015-2017

Paul Osicka ‘Major’s Creek’ Shiraz 2015

SOLD OUT.  2016 due April 2018 Winemaker’s comments: “The 10 Ha of our single vineyard mature (60 year old) dry grown Shiraz was hand picked in separate parcels, reflecting the different soil types.  Each parcel imparts its own character into the final blend. The wines were fermented in one and two tonne open fermenters using different treatments including some inclusion…

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