Victoria and Tasmania

D1 London Spirits is a range of luxury spirits by D.J. Limbrey Distilling Co. which blend traditional distilling craft with contemporary art.

The reversible bottle provides a clear canvas for the iconic ‘Floral Skull’, from the series of artworks by international artist Jacky Tsai, originally made famous by Alexander McQueen.

D1 Gluten Free Potato Vodka is a spirit of outstanding character that combines delicious creamy smoothness with the diverse cultural references of Jacky Tsai’s Stained Glass Skull. Delectable over ice and matchless in a martini, D1 sets a new benchmark for luxury vodka.

D1 London Gluten Free Potato Vodka View Tasting Notes

The daring character and delicious, creamy smoothness of D1 Potato Vodka are rooted in the careful selection of the finest potatoes.  Recognised by the world’s leading bartenders as the ultimate vodka ingredient, D1 London Spirits has taken the craft of potato vodka to a new level.  Starting with a long fermentation before three distinct distillations, during the second of these, the vapours are elevated…

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