Daringly dry

D1 London Gin is a new class of luxury spirit from the D.J. Limbrey Distilling Company, blending traditional distilling craft with contemporary art.

The reversible bottle can be displayed in many ways and provides a clear canvas for the iconic ‘Floral Skull’, from the series of artworks by internationally recognised, London-based Shanghainese artist Jacky Tsai, originally made famous by Alexander McQueen.  Floral Skull is a striking commentary on beauty and decay, masculine and feminine, mortality and spirituality.  Acclaimed globally, the iconic skull series defies boundaries.

D1 London Dry Gin

D1 is made using a very narrow cut of the purist triple-distilled grain spirit at 96.2% ABV which is then introduced to a copper pot still. A batch distillation is then conducted with juniper berries and bespoke botanicals including coriander, orange and lemon peel, angelica root, cassia bark, orris, almond and liquorice. Lastly added is a daring kick of nettles selected especially for D1 by a master…

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